Hi, my name is Tulga Tuvshinbayar. I’m a graphic and web designer, and I’m the founder of creativesolodesign.com. I’m based in London, UK. And on this website you will find my design portfolio. I also run a blog, you can read my blog on this website. I mainly write articles surrounding the subject of design, but it’s not only limited to that.

I’m a young professional graphic designer with lots of passion and drive to succeed in this ever-growing industry.


Creativesolodesign offers web and graphic design services. I create marketing promotional materials for small businesses and individuals starting from logos and business cards to leaflets, banners, brochures and websites. I always believe that for small or start-up businesses hiring a freelancer like me would be beneficial in terms of the cost, the time that goes into every project and the paperwork that follows every single project. I’m currently available for hire.
Visit my portfolio page for more.

The Business

The business started in 2010. The idea came when I was doing graphic design course. I set up Creativesolodesign.com and soon enough I started getting projects.

Based in London, UK, I provide top quality design services and cost efficient solutions for businesses like yourself. I specialise in logo design, identity design, web design print design and lots more. (just ask).

Short Bio

I was born in beautiful Mongolia. As a kid I wasn’t really artistic, but I was good at maths (although I hated it). But my most favourite subjects were English and Russian languages. After my graduation from high school, I went on to study Economics. But I never thought at that moment that I would become a graphic designer one day. I settled in the UK in the early 2000. Coming to the UK gave me lots of opportunities to study further. I went on to study graphic design here in London. And now I’m absolutely hooked onto it.

I spend a big chunk of my day sitting in front of my computer, surfing the web, researching, designing and sometimes just watching or reading interesting entertaining stuff on the internet. I have to say the internet is the best thing that the mankind has ever invented. I absolutely love graphic design. I surround myself with things that give me inspiration.

But apart from sitting on my rear, I like being active, doing sports. My sporting activities would be cycling, swimming, working out and walking in the park. I cycle pretty much everyday, and everywhere I go. I also like playing snooker, basketball, listening to classic rock, travelling, going out and hanging out with my mates. That pretty much sums up my activities.

Social Websites

Twitter.- You can follow me on twitter I’m very active there.

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Flickr.- You can find some of my own works on Flickr as well.

For any enquiries contact me by filling in the contact form or email me at tulga AT creativesolodesign DOT COM.