How to create avatar inspired eyeThe Halloween weekend has just gone past and I was thinking about posting something that’s Halloween inspired. And I remembered about this tutorial that I wrote a long time ago.

I called this Avatar Inspired Eye, but in fact this tutorial was written long before the Avatar movie was released. Originally I wrote this tutorial for a different purpose, but I never used it anywhere else, so I decided to share it with you today.

Below is the finished work and we are going to create something close to this. In this tutorial you will see how you can use selection tools and some other techniques that you might find interesting.

And for this tutorial I used eye.jpg, and pocket-watch.jpg.

First step, I opened a new document in Photoshop. Size: 800x800px. Background set to white.

I then selected a brush size 19 with hardness set to 100%.

Set the scattering of the brush as shown bellow.

Then i started drawing with brush colour set to blue.

I kept changing the brush angle after every couple of strokes.

I kept drawing untill i got this pattern. Yours might look a little bit different, but don’t worry about it too much. As long it looks some what like this image bellow, that’s fine.

With my eye.jpg image open in Photoshop, using the Move tool I moved the pattern image onto the eye image, and gave it an ID “Pattern”. And then with the “Pattern” layer selected I changed the blend mode to Overlay and lowered the opacity to 75%.

With the “Pattern “ layer selected using the Pen tool draw a path around the eye. And then Go to Select ~ Make Selection ~ Feather 4px. Delete the selected area by clicking on the delete button on your keyboard.

I opened the pocket-watch.jpg image. And on this image using the Eliptical Marquee Tool I selected the area just inside of the frame of the watch. And then using the Move Tool moved the selected area on the watch image onto the eye image. Called this layer “Watch”.

Then I set the blend mode to Overlay.

Using the Eraser Tool I erased the area on the “watch” layer that was overflowing on the eyelid. Then i created a new layer under the watch layer. On this layer using the Eliptical Marquee Tool I drew a small circle just covering the pupil. And then with the selection still there go Edit – Fill and fill with white. And then go Filter ~ Blur ~ Lens Blur. Set Radius to about 23, Blade Curvature 20, Rotation 70, and Brightness 16.

Final image.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.