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How To Create Avatar Inspired Eye

How to create avatar inspired eyeThe Halloween weekend has just gone past and I was thinking about posting something that’s Halloween inspired. And I remembered about this tutorial that I wrote a long time ago.

I called this Avatar Inspired Eye, but in fact this tutorial was written long before the Avatar movie was released. Originally I wrote this tutorial for a different purpose, but I never used it anywhere else, so I decided to share it with you today. (continue reading…)

20 Beautiful movie posters by legendary Drew Struzan

back-to-the-futureThis was my college assignment back when I was in college. The assignment was to research and create a retrospective of an artist or a graphic designer. And when I was looking for an artist to choose, I came across with Drew Struzan. I never heard of him till then. And that’s when I found out that he was the person who created those beautiful movie posters we’ve all seen. (continue reading…)

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